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Britain's top companies take the lead in investing in the rule of law

Britain's top companies will take the lead in investing in the rule of law as part of the new Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law Business Network, launched today at an event at Inner Temple.

FTSE 100 leaders, BP, BT, Diageo, HSBC, Shell, Unilever, and Vodafone have pledged their support for the new Business Network which will support the think tank's global initiatives on rule of law whilst identifying and addressing specific challenges in the countries where they operate.

Chairman of the new network Graham Vinter, formerly of BG Group, said:

"As multinational companies develop their supply chains and markets both at home and around the world, they are encountering a complex set of legal risks including contractual enforceability, regulatory predictability and bribery and corruption in all its forms, none of which can be addressed without the rule of law. We hope that other companies will support this important initiative, enabling us to have an even greater impact on the operation of cross-border trade and investment and the stability of commercial arrangements."

Further information about the network with details of media coverage and the press release can be found here

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