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Protecting Education in the MENA Region

In June 2016, BIICL completed a year-long Study on Protecting Education in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region, which builds on previous research published in cooperation with Protect Education in Insecurity and Conflict (PEIC). The first key publication consisted of an International Law Handbook on the Protection of Education in Insecurity and Armed Conflict, a practical and comprehensive guide to the relevant provisions of international law that protect education in situations of insecurity and armed conflict, which was followed by a Report on Education and the Law of Reparations in Insecurity and Armed Conflict.

Given that one of the findings of the Handbook was the lack of implementation of the relevant international norms at the domestic level, as well as at the regional level, this Study considers the domestic implementation of international law obligations pertaining to the protection of education through country case studies, as well as a thematic analysis.The countries selected for the case studies include Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon, while the thematic section of the Study focuses on the education of displaced populations, the provision of education in transitional contexts, and the role of non-State actors in fulfilling the right to education.

The Study was authored by Majida Rasul, Kristin Hausler, and Robert McCorquodale

Read the study here

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