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Volterra Fietta - BIICL Internship in Public International Law

Volterra Fietta is a team of public international lawyers, combining outstanding academic credentials with the practical experience of seasoned legal professionals. With a top-tier global reputation in both contentious and advisory matters, Volterra Fietta is the only public international law firm in the world.

The British Institute of International and Comparative Law is a legal research charity that has a vibrant and extensive programme of activities in the field of public international law, including research, events and publications. Its research focus is primarily on applied legal research, designed to have practical consequences, establish influential recommendations for decision-makers, and have an impact on law and policy around the world.

This exciting new internship opportunity will be filled by two candidates and will last six months: three months with Volterra Fietta and three months with BIICL.

Timing and Availability

This round of applications will be from 23 March to 22 April 2016, with interviews in the week starting 2 May 2016. It is hoped that the first candidates will start before the end of May 2016.

The successful applicants will spend 3 months working full-time at Volterra Fietta and 3 months working at BIICL, for a total internship period of 6 months. Interns must commit to a full-time role while at Volterra Fietta and will receive payment of £300 per week. While at BIICL, the interns will be required to be available to work for a minimum of 3 days per week for three months and will receive a reimbursement of expenses up to £300 per month.

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