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Call for Papers: 24th Annual SLS-BIICL Conference on Theory and International Law

The Annual SLS-BIICL Conference on Theory and International Law will this year take place on 15 May 2015. Further information about the event is available here

The theme for the conference is the concept of remoteness - distance in time and through space - in relation to the use of force and in the context of armed conflict.

The co-convenors of SLS International Law Section welcome contributions on the concept of remoteness, including but not limited to:

  • Self-defence: availability of anticipatory self-defence; availability of self-defence against non-state actors; 'elongated' imminence; the concept of an 'armed attack';
  • Technology: cyberwarfare, drones, lethally autonomous weapons, non-obvious warfare;
  • The legal classification of conflicts that are said to be dispersed across states;
  • The impact of the use of remotely controlled weapons upon the law of armed conflict, in particular the rules governing targeting;x Ethics of remotely operated weapons; ethics of manipulating time to justify force against an 'imminent' threat;
  • Responsibility: responsibility of non-state actors; challenges of identifying those responsible in a splintered or non-existent 'chain of command'.
  • Reparations: remoteness in time and space from the incident; who is a 'victim'?

Submission of abstracts is open to academics (including graduate students) and practitioners. Abstracts should be one page long and sent to and by 10 March 2015.

Download the Call for Papers document

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