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New 2014 Update - An International Law Handbook

In December 2014, Kristin Hausler and Robert McCorquodale completed the second round of updates in relation to their project on the protection of education in insecurity and armed conflict. In 2012, BIICL published its international law Handbook on the topic. Since then, it has also prepared a Report on the law of reparations in the context of education-related violations.

Unfortunately, students and schools continue to be attacked daily around the world. For example, in December of last year, 132 children and nine education personnel in Pakistan lost their lives when the Taliban attacked their school. It is therefore it is imperative that intensified attention is paid to the protection of education in times of insecurity and armed conflict. This Update, the second since the publication of the Handbook in 2012, seeks to provide detail and accompanying analysis of any legal developments of international law in the year 2014, which is relevant to this issue.

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