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Chief Justice Arthur Chaskalon, Bingham Centre Patron

It is with regret that the Bingham Centre announces the death of Arthur Chaskalson, former Chief Justice of South Africa and a Patron of the Bingham Centre.

Chaskalson gave up a lucrative commercial practice at the bar to found The Legal Resources Centre, an organisation that sought to pursue justice and human rights in South Africa, challenging the implementation of several apartheid laws.

Between 1989 and 1990 he assisted with the drafting of the Constitution of Namibia, and from 1990-1994 he was a key advisor to the Multi Party Negotiating Forum in the drafting and adoption of the Interim Constitution of South Africa in 1994. In June 1994, he became the first President of South Africa's new Constitutional Court, the highest court in South Africa where constitutional matters are concerned. On 22 November 2001 he became the Chief Justice of South Africa.

Sir Jeffrey Jowell, Director of the Bingham Centre said that Arthur Chaskalson was one of the most courageous and able lawyers of his time. His Constitutional Court established the highest standards of justice for the new South Africa, drawing on the best international and comparative standards while promoting the rule of law, equality, respect for human dignity and transformative justice.

Justice Chaskalon is survived by his wife, Dr Lorraine Chaskalson, sons Mathew and Jerome and grandchildren, to whom the Bingham Centre offers its sincere condolences.

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