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Law of Treaties publication

On Tuesday, 25 March 2014, Dr Andraž Zidar, Dorset Senior Research Fellow in Public International Law at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL), delivered a presentation at the launch of new book, 'The Law of Treaties: Handbook, Articles and Documents' at the Slovenian Association for International Relations in Ljubljana.

The publication is the third in an international law collection, published jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia and Faculty of Social Sciences. It is distinctive in the fact that it is written entirely by present and past legal advisers or counsellors at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

As co-editor of the book, Dr Zidar joined a panel of eminent Slovenian international lawyers including: keynote speaker Dr Ernest Petrič (member of the UN International Law Commission and constitutional judge), Ambassador Borut Mahnič (Director-General at MFA), co-editors Ana Polak Petrič (High Representative for Succession Issues) and Irena Jager Agius (Deputy Legal Adviser at MFA), Professor Milan Brglez (Faculty of Social Sciences) and Mihael Zupančič (Legal Adviser at MFA). The event was chaired by Ambassador Bojan Grobovšek, president of the Slovenian Association for International Relations.

Dr Zidar's presentation emphasised the uniqueness of the publication in a comparative international perspective, in that it brings to the fore a contribution of legal advisers on the development of the law of treaties. The book comes close to the tradition and influence of British legal advisers on the development of international law. Furthermore, he underlined - together with other members of the panel - that the book represents a useful compilation of practice and knowledge of the Slovenian legal profession since the independence of the country in 1991.

The book, which is written in Slovenian, has a summary in English as well as a compilation of documents on Slovenian legal and diplomatic practice (many of them in English).

The book is available to download here or here.

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