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European Commission's Review of the Product Liability Directive

The European Commission undertakes a regular review of the efficiency of the product liability framework, as required by the Product Liability Directive. The first report was presented in 1995. The second review exercise was launched in a Green Paper on Product Liability adopted in July 1999, leading to the second report published on 31 January 2001. The next report is to be published during the course of 2006.

The Product Liability Forum at BIICL has been asked by the European Commission to take part in this official review of the Product Liability Directive. As part of this process, the Forum will give detailed feedback on the practical application of the Directive, drawing upon the Forum's innovative web-based Product Liability Database which presents legislation and cases on Product Liability across European Member States.

The Product Liability Forum is a Centre for Excellence bringing together international product liability specialists to analyse and improve the conduct of policy and practice in the spheres of Product Liability, Product Safety and Tort Law. For details of the Forum, including a demonstration of the Product Liability Database, see: /plf/

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