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The Report of the Annual Conference 2012

The Report of the Annual Conference 2012 is now available online to download here. It took place on 25 October, followed by the Grotius lecture. Both events addressed the topic of the Arab Spring and its bearings upon international law. The prominent speaker for the Grotius lecture was Chief M. Bassiouni, Emeritus Professor of Law at DePaul University and expert in international criminal law. In a lively speech that addressed the theme from historic, humanistic and legal perspectives Bassiouni underlined that the process of the Arab Spring is still in a nascent stage and requires assistance from the West - also with a view to enhance tradition of the rule of law in the Arab countries - more than ever. The Annual Conference, which brought together a number of distinguished speakers from legal practice and academy, dealt with more specific topics related to the Arab Spring in the framework of the rule of law, public international law and international investment law.
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