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Bingham Centre Receives Nuffield Grant

The Bingham Centre was awarded a grant from the Nuffield Foundation to fund its study on 'The Rule of Law and Immigration Detention in Europe'. There is a great deal of evidence that, both in the UK and elsewhere in Europe and beyond, immigration detainees are deprived of their liberty in accordance with procedures and under criteria and conditions which fall short of rule of law standards. This project will consider the problems and challenges of immigration detention and the question of appropriate rule of law standards considering law and practice from domestic, regional (EU and ECHR), international and comparative sources. The product will be clear, practical and effective Guidelines identifying necessary standards within a single, accessible document. An accompanying report will draw together, in a single commentary, the wealth of materials, principles and proposals which can be found in an array of disparate sources. Having invited the views of relevant organisations and individuals, the Guidelines will be produced and disseminated as widely as possible in order that they can guide and inform decision makers, policy makers and representatives. They will also be used by immigrants, their advisors, and by individuals currently in detention, or facing detention proceedings.

The Bingham Centre is fortunate to have the expertise of Michael Fordham QC, of Blackstone Chambers. Justine Stefanelli, the Maurice Wohl Fellow in European Law, will work alongside Michael to produce the project Guidelines and Report. In addition, the Centre is hiring a part-time research fellow to assist on the study. Details regarding that position are available here.

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