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Keynote speech by Sarah Cardell at BIICL roundtable

Ensuring digital market outcomes that benefit people, businesses and the wider UK economy

At the recent BIICL/Linklaters Tech Antitrust Roundtable Sarah Cardell, Interim Chief Executive of the competition and Markets Authority (CMA), delivered the keynote speech focusing on three key issues:

First, the particular characteristics of digital markets that bring many considerable benefits but also present risks and challenges to people and businesses if left unchecked;

Second, a taxonomy of potential concerns in digital markets and some examples from our current and past casework of action we are taking to address those concerns and;

Thirdly she gave an outline of how the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill will enable the CMA to make digital markets work even better for people, businesses and the UK economy as well as some of the practical steps they are taking to prepare for this.

You can read her keynote speech reproduced in full on the Public Sector Network website .

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