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BIICL expands Breathing Space initiative by publishing guidelines in seven languages

BIICL is proud to announce the expansion of the Breathing Space initiative as Concept Note 3 the BIICL Guidelines are translated into seven additional languages

Concept Note 3 is a set of guidelines published in September 2020 by a group of leading commercial lawyers which set out practical ways in which corporates might be encouraged to adopt a more conciliatory approach to COVID-19 related contractual disputes without prejudicing or altering parties' legal rights.

Helen Dodds, former Global Head of Legal, Dispute Resolution at Standard Chartered Bank and one of the authors of the 'guidelines' said:

"Given the inter-connectedness of global trade we structured the guidelines for use in all jurisdictions and legal systems and are delighted that they have been translated into seven languages. We hope that they offer an example of the UK's continuing contribution to international legal development and promote alignment between the scales of justice and the wheels of commerce."

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