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New blog: EU Foreign Direct Investment Screening, Economic Crimes and ISDS

On 30 April 2020, I spoke at a webinar on the interaction between public international law and the EU Investment screening mechanism organised by Maastricht University and the University of Southern Denmark, which was a part of the Common European Law on Investment Screening (CELIS) project.

In 2019, the European Union established a framework for the screening of foreign direct investments in Regulation 2019/452. This regulation comes into force the provisions of the Regulation are set to apply from the 11 October 2020. The idea of the webinar was primarily to educate representatives of EU member states, businesses and other stakeholders who will be affected by the Regulation.

Participation of Ms Sylvia Baule, Deputy Head of Unit in the investment Unit of DG Trade of the European Commission who was the main architects of the Regulation made this event particularly interesting and valuable.

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