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Investment Treaty Forum Conference

On 18-19 September, the Institute's Investment Treaty Forum hosted a two-day conference on 'The Energy Charter Treaty: Energy security, investment protection and future developments'. The choice of the topic had not been accidental: energy security is at the top of today's global agenda, and protection of investments is key to building energy security in an increasingly international world. The Energy Charter Treaty, with its 51 member states, plays a major role in guaranteeing energy security in the Eurasian region. Since the Treaty came into force ten years ago, at least 18 investment arbitration cases have been initiated on the basis of the Treaty's powerful investment promotion and protection provisions. The conference was therefore a timely occasion to review the Treaty's achievements, its strong points and its limitations.

Over the two days, the speakers coming from a variety of countries and backgrounds addressed a broad range of topics, from Chinese experience in resolving pipeline disputes to Russia's gas transit wars, from the Treaty's potential to encourage the environmentally-friendly energy investment to the possibility of launching arbitrations against the European Union and the intricacies of application of the Treaty's specific provisions. Thanks to the active audience, presentations were followed by questions and comments. As an innovation, the conference featured electronic voting by the audience on the topical issues related to the Treaty's role and its application. We are extremely grateful to our co-organizers, the Energy Charter Secretariat and the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, to the speakers and participants, all of whom contributed to the success of this event.

For the results of the electronic voting, please click the following link: Voting Results
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