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Melbourne Law School and the Arthur Watts Fellowship Programme

A successful and growing partnership between BIICL and MLS

Dialogues between International and Public Law

BIICL and Melbourne Law School jointly held a conference on Dialogues between International and Public Law in London on 30 June - 01 July 2016. It was convened by Jill Barrett, Arthur Watts Senior Research Fellow in Public International Law, BIICL, in collaboration with Laureate Professor Emeritus Cheryl Saunders AO, Melbourne Law School. A detailed report of the conference proceedings is available: View Document.

Visiting Fellowship and Volunteer Researcher programme

BIICL has been delighted to welcome Visiting Research Fellows and JD and post-graduate law students from Melbourne Law School to participate in the Arthur Watts Fellowship's programme of public international law research since 2012.

This relationship has enabled Melbourne Law School Professors and other Senior Academics to conduct their research at the Institute and develop collaborative projects with the Arthur Watts Senior Research Fellow and other BIICL staff. Melbourne Law School JD and post-graduate students come as volunteer researchers where they participate in the Fellowship's programme and enhance their research skills in public international law.

To date 3 Visiting Research Fellows and 10 Volunteer Researchers have assisted the Fellowship's programme by conducting research into and hosting events connected with public international law topics such as the Antarctic Treaty and the Paris Convention on Intellectual Property. The 2016 Visiting Fellow, Dr Jason Varuhas, spoke at the Dialogues conference and volunteers Yvonne Yue Wang and Zoe Hough assisted in organising the conference and writing the report of proceedings. The holding of this conference rounded off a very successful first five years of collaboration between BIICL and Melbourne Law School. The next five-year programme of joint activities is being planned and will commence in 2017.

Testimonials from past participants:

Professor Sam Ricketson, Visiting Research Fellow, September - December 2013

'I have benefited from being in close contact with public international law specialists - as much of my commentary deals with public international law issues, in particular treaty interpretation... I have also enjoyed the intellectual life of BIICL, with its rich offerings of seminars and lectures'.

Catie Shavin, Volunteer, September - December 2013

'I am confident that my experience at BIICL has added breadth and depth to my thinking around further study and my career going forwards, and it has certainly enabled me to expand my professional and academic networks'.

Belinda Sandonato, Volunteer, May-July 2014

'I feel that undertaking the volunteer research position at BIICL has helped develop my ability to research Chinese law which will assist me in completing my LLM and undertaking a PhD. I appreciate the opportunity that undertaking this position has given me to develop both academically, and professionally'.

Louise McNeil, Volunteer, September-November 2014

'I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity, which has developed me both personally and professionally and opened my eyes to the breadth of international legal work in the UK, and would wholeheartedly recommend the experience to all Melbourne Law School students.' See Louise's full report here.

Martin Clark, Volunteer, April-June 2015

'My internship has been and will continue to be of immense benefit to my studies and planned career as an academic. My involvement at BIICL, though brief, has had a profound effect on my own work and methods, and the connections I made with BIICL's researchers are ones that I hope will continue long into the future.' See Martin's full report here.

Brigid McCarthy, Volunteer, June-August 2015

'Overall, my internship at BIICL was highly rewarding and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity. I was able to develop a variety of skills, meet a range of interesting people in the legal world and gain valuable insight into the operations of a highly-regarded research institute.' See Brigid's full report here.

Zoe Hough, Volunteer, May-July 2016

'My time at BIICL has exposed me to a myriad of new ideas, some of which I will be researching further. I have met some wonderful people at BIICL and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to undertake this internship. This has been a remarkable experience and one which I believe will prove to be invaluable in my future studies and career.' See Zoe's full report here.

Yvonne Yue Wang, Volunteer, May-July 2016

'The internship has spurred me to consider a number of career options. It has been rewarding but extremely humbling. I am now more than ever aware of the lessons one must learn to be a better advocate. It has been reassuring and gratifying to find others at BIICL being so passionate about the law.' See Yvonne's full report here.


BIICL extends its gratitude to Allan Myers AO who has helped make this programme possible through his generous funding and ongoing support, and Professor Carolyn Evans, Dean of Melbourne Law School for her active support which has also helped make this partnership a great success.

We hope that this positive and collaborative relationship between BIICL and Melbourne Law School will continue to develop and be fruitful.

To learn more about the Melbourne Law School and Arthur Watts joint programme of research, please contact