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Key information

Our mission

  • To advance the understanding of international and comparative law;
  • To promote the rule of law in international affairs;
  • To promote the application of international and comparative law through research, publication and events;
  • To provide a public benefit through our work.

What we are

  • The globally respected leading UK independent research body for international and comparative law;
  • Progressive and contemporary, because international law is a daily feature of legal practice;
  • A research community with expertise in Comparative Law, Competition Law, International Investment Law, European Union Law, Public International Law, Private International Law and the Rule of Law;
  • An inclusive membership organisation with around 400 members including solicitors and barristers, judges, government advisers, academics and students.

What we do

  • Explain and apply international law in global problem-solving;
  • Foster a comparative understanding of national legal systems;
  • Assist states through legal capacity-building and training;
  • Recommend good practices and influence law and policy making;
  • Encourage and support the best scholarship and talent in these legal fields.

Our funding

The Institute receives no general core funding from any government or private source. Our funding sources include:

  • Publications
  • Research project funders
  • Membership subscriptions
  • Donors, and
  • Conferences and events.

Research projects and events are funded by a wide variety of bodies including law firms, barristers chambers, accountancy firms, national governments, the European Commission and Parliament, private trusts and foundations, and non-governmental organisations.

Strategic plan

BIICL's vision and key strategic aims for 2016-18 are summarised below.

Our vision

The British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) exists to develop and advance the understanding of international and comparative law in the UK and around the world, and to promote the rule of law in national and international affairs. Through our work, we seek to improve decision-making which will help to make the world a better place and have a positive impact on people's daily lives.

Our vision is to continue to be a world-leading independent research body on international and comparative law, and the rule of law by:

  • providing high quality applied research based on strong conceptual foundations that influences law and policy-making; and
  • promoting the application and wider dissemination of our research through publications, events and training.

Strategic aims

  • Strategic Aim 1: To produce excellent research which is respected for its independence and makes a sustained impact on policy and practice.
  • Strategic Aim 2: To enhance public awareness of our work through dynamic and high quality events, training and publications.
  • Strategic Aim 3: To grow and support an expert community of practitioners, academics, students, policy-makers and donors through our general membership, specialist Forums and alumni, and in our development activities.
  • Strategic Aim 4: To be an effective and sustainable organisation in relation to our staff development, operational management and governance.