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British Influences on International Law

2015 marked the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Grotius Society, one of two societies which joined in 1958 to form the British Institute for International and Comparative Law. To celebrate this anniversary, BIICL, in collaboration with Brill/Martinus Nijhoff is undertaking a two year project examining British influences in International Law. The project focus on three different elements and produce a book on each:

British Influences on International Law 1915-2015

This book (edited by Robert McCorquodale and Jean-Pierre Gauci) considers British influences on the development of international law over 100 years from 1915. This century has been marked by unprecedented developments in international law, not least the setting up of an array of international organisations, including the United Nations and the League of Nations, and international courts and tribunals (including the International Court of Justice and its predecessor the Permanent Court of International Justice, as well as the International Criminal Court). Two world wars, complex transboundary issues and increased globalisation have shown the importance of international law. This volume addresses these developments - domestic, regional and international - and looks at how Britain and British people (broadly defined) have influenced these changes.

The contributors to the book have examined an array of different issues. These include British influences on treaty-making, recognition and immunity, as well as on specific fields of international law, such as armed conflict, criminal law, environment and human rights. It has commentary on the British influence on the sources of international law, including by its courts and Foreign Office, in the development of the European Union and in the idea of a professional international lawyer. There are also reflections on many of the key people over the century.

The book provides a novel perspective, which surveys and appraises the contributions of British people and institutions in domestic and international legal forums and their key role in the development, interpretation and application of international law.

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British Contributions to International Law 1915-2015

The original documentary sources of key British contributions to international law spanning the past 100 years will be collected for the first time in two volumes. These range from seminal writings of highly qualified British scholars of international law, judgments of British courts, opinions of British judges on international courts and tribunals and pleadings by British advocates; treaties concluded and statements made by the United Kingdom government, British contributions to international legal drafting, legislation and parliamentary debates; to an imaginative selection of other forms of literature.

The Editors' introduction explains why, of all the multifarious British contributions, these have had the most enduring impact upon the development of international law, from a global perspective. These texts will be a must-read for anyone interested in international law and the uniquely British contributions to it. The anthology (edited by Jill Barrett and Jean-Pierre Gauci) is due to be published in the second half of 2017.

The Role of the Legal Adviser in the Domain of International Law

The Role of Legal Advisers in International Law sheds light on the position, activities and influence of legal advisers in the domain of international law. This is a novel and edifying perspective in that it surveys and appraises important undertakings of legal advisers in domestic and international legal forums and their role in the development, interpretation and application of international law.

Building upon their extensive knowledge and experience, contributors to the book analyse themes such as influence of various legal traditions (including the British) on the work of legal advisers, their position in the diplomatic decision-making process, the role of ethics in providing legal advice, and their contributions - in various forms - to the development and strengthening of the international legal system. The book entitled 'The Role of Legal Advisers in International Law' is due to be published in December 2016.

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A conference on Legal Advisors was organized in February 2015, co-convened with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Read the conference report here.