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PLF MEETING -Contingency Fees in Comparative Perspective: Update on the developments in England & W

18th May 2011

What is this event about?

Now that the UK Government has indicated that it will adopt the recommendations of the Jackson report, the introduction of contingency fees / damages-based agreements
into England & Wales is a matter of time.

The major reference point for such an approach is of course North America. However, there is a growing practice of contingency fees in Continental Europe following recent court decisions and legislative changes.

This is an invitation only event.

Following the success of a series of events and projects on the topic of Product Liability, which attracted substantial interest from practitioners, industry and academia, the Product Liability Forum was launched in June 2004.

The Product Liability Forum allows the practical application of policy and developments in product liability and safety law to be considered by leading lawyers in private practice, industry, academia, regulatory bodies and senior business managers, consumer representatives, public servants, public affairs professionals and other specialist practitioners. Its role is to analyse and improve the conduct of policy and practice in the spheres of Product Liability, Product Safety and Mass Torts.

The academic credentials of the Product Liability Forum set it apart from other bodies. It is not designed as a lobby group, nor is it to be identified with any particular perspective or sector. The Product Liability Forum will share the reputation enjoyed by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law for independence, even-handedness and academic rigour.

For further information contact the Director of PLF: Dr Duncan Fairgrieve

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