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Competitiveness Versus Competition

Date: 21st June 2006

Time: Not specified

Venue: Not available

Event Details

This Competition Law Forum Event will focus on the application of competition policy vs. Europe's competitiveness, and in particular the following topics:

  • What is DG Competition doing to promote the aims of the Lisbon Agenda? How is it doing this?
  • Does the Lisbon Agenda influence the Commission's decision process on competition cases? How?
  • Industrial policy versus competition policy in the review of mergers (especially considering recent events in some Member States) and other areas
  • State Aid action plans and competitiveness: R&D, SMEs, de minimis
    Regional policy
  • Economic assessments of competition and competitiveness

This event is open to Competition Law Forum members only. If you would like more information on the Competition Law Forum please contact Dr Philip Marsden.

Members of the Competition Law Forum may access papers from this meeting by following this link.

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