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London School of Economics and Political Science Forth Coming Events Featuring: 'Civil Liberties and the Terror Threat'

Date: 22nd May 2007

Time: Not specified

Venue: Not available

Event Details

'Civil Liberties and the Terror Threat'

This Seminar is Free

Intuitively all defenders of human rights are in favour of war crime
trials. But can the idea of an international code of criminal law
survive the realpolitik of states trading insults over who has been most
complicit? Will war crime trials become as familiar as ordinary criminal
trials are today, or is it merely a passing liberal fad?

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Other Events being held by the London School of Economics and Political Science

'Understanding Women's Human Rights'

Short evening course - 4 June - 9 July 6pm-8pm.
Deadline for applications for subsidised (half-price) places is Friday 11 May.

The Centre is delighted to announce that Madeleine Colvin is convening
its intensive evening course, 'Understanding Women's Human Rights'.
Madeline Colvin is a human rights lawyer who practised as a barrister
before joining Liberty and later JUSTICE as a legal policy specialist.
She is presently a human rights consultant and a part-time Immigration
Judge. Teachers on the course are also leading experts, including
Professor Christine Chinkin, Phillippa Kaufmann and Professor Aileen

The course provides a detailed overview of international human rights
law, including how the prohibition of discrimination works at the
international law level and how it affects the everyday lives of women.
It explains, from a human rights perspective, how to challenge key
issues facing women today and addresses substantive issues of women's
rights. This unique, expert-led, certificate course is recommended for
those involved in equality and discrimination law, whether as civil
servants, campaigners or academics, or from the public or private

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External Events Featuring Centre Staff:

'Human Rights Culture - a Social or Legal Phenomenon?'

Bindman & Partners and UCL Annual Debate
Free panel debate - Tuesday 15th May, 6pm-7.30pm
North Cloisters and the Harrie Massey Lecture Theatre, UCL, London.

The panel will address what the ingredients of a human rights culture
are, including the role of the new Commission for Equality and Human
Rights; and a tailor-made home-grown bill of rights and other
institutions. The panel will also consider what role the law pays in the
development of a human rights culture.


  • Robin Lustig


  • Dominic Grieve MP, Professorial Research Fellow
    Francesca Klug, Sir Bert Massie, Rabinder Singh QC

For bookings please contact: by 8 May to book a place. Booking is
essential as places are limited.

'Civil Liberties and the Terror Threat'

Free Seminar - Tuesday 22nd May, 5pm-6pm
NatCen, 35 Northampton Square, London EC1V

Terrorism and civil liberties are rarely out of the news but, although
we frequently hear the views of politicians and commentators, we rarely
have high-quality information about what the public thinks. This seminar
will focus on the findings of the British Social Attitudes survey which,
in a joint project with the Centre for the Study of Human Rights,
recently obtained funding from the ESRC to examine public attitudes in
this area. It will concentrate particularly on the 'trade-off' between
terrorism and civil liberties, the influence of people's fear of
terrorism on their views, and on whether attitudes have changed over


  • Professor Conor Gearty, Centre for the Study of Human
    Rights, LSE
  • Mark Johnson, NatCen

For bookings please contact: to book a place. Booking is
essential as places are limited.

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