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CURRENT ISSUES IN INVESTMENT TREATY ARBITRATION Treaty Shopping v Treaty Planning & The EU as a New Actor

Date: 6th June 2011

Time: Not specified

Venue: Not available

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This conference addresses two pressing issues in contemporary practice. In the first session, panellists will consider the distinction between prudent corporate planning which seeks to take advantage of favourable protections under investment treaties and improper corporate structuring amounting to treaty-shopping and a possible abuse of rights. Is there a clear line to be drawn between the legitimate and illegitimate? When does treaty-planning become treaty-shopping? Should it be a bar to jurisdiction?
The second session addresses the emerging role of the European Union in international investment law. Among the questions raised will be: Why is the EU Commission concerned about claims being brought under investment treaties between member states of the EU? What role is the Commission playing in the cases in which it has intervened? Can investment protection through BITs or the ECT coexist with EU law? What is the Commission proposing for investment-protection treaties between EU member states and third countries? Will there be EU BITs and if so what kind of protection will they offer to investors and to States? What are the implications of the interim period in which the existing treaties will remain in place?

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