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The Eleventh Investment Treaty Forum Public Conference


Energy security, investment protection and future developments

Date: 18th September 2008

Time: Not specified

Venue: Not available

Event Details

Energy security is at the top of today's global agenda, and protection of investments is key to building energy security in today's increasingly international world. The Energy Charter Treaty, with its 51 member states, plays a major role in guaranteeing energy security in the Eurasian region. Since the Treaty came into force 10 years ago, at least 18 investment arbitration cases - including the noted Yukos and Libananco claims - have been initiated on the basis of the Treaty's powerful investment promotion and protection provisions. This conference is therefore a timely occasion to review the Treaty's achievements, its strong points and its limitations.

This event will be followed by a dinner at the British Museum. The dinner will cost £65 per person. Please click here to register.

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