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Humans & Habitats: rethinking rights in an age of climate change

Date: 26th April 2008

Time: Not specified

Venue: Not available

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Human rights naturally focus on the inherent dignity and worth of the person. In the past they have prompted democratic reform and inspirational documents such as the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

Since the 1970s the environmental movement has highlighted the impacts of human activities on the biodiversity and habitats on which we all depend. This has lead to global environmental principles such as those contained in the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.

The two movements share concerns about current economic paradigms; quality of life; the necessity to find solutions to these problems; and a strong desire to safeguard the health of the planet for future generations. Both face a common challenge in the form of climate change and its impacts on people. The task is to find real solutions to climate change that respect human rights and prevent the worst off from facing even greater hardship. How can the two movements work together to achieve this?

In this major public conference the Centre for the Study of Human Rights, in partnership with Friends of the Earth, Human Rights Watch and the Guardian, presents a thought provoking event exploring opportunities for change and connections between people and the planet.

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