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A Rules-Based International Order: Benefits and Challenges (Online Participation)

Date: 18 March 2024

Time: 09.00 - 12.00 (UK time)

Venue: Online

Please note, this page is for online participation. If you would like to participate in-person, please visit the in-person booking page.

Event Details

The concept of 'rules-based international order' (RBIO) refers to a system in which countries adhere to established norms, treaties, and agreements to govern their interactions. It seeks to establish a fair, just, open, and predictable system of governance on the global stage. In regions often characterized by diverse cultures, histories, and socio-economic challenges, the pursuit of RBIO is crucial for fostering stability, promoting human rights, and facilitating sustainable development.

Nations in the Global South are working towards strengthening institutions, enhancing legal frameworks, and promoting accountability at both national and international levels. This involves addressing historical legacies of colonialism, addressing socio-economic disparities, and navigating complex geopolitical landscapes. In these regards, RBIO is not only a legal concept but also a vehicle for fostering cooperation, resolving conflicts, and advancing the well-being of populations. The concept underscores the interconnectedness of the world and provides the opportunity to shape a more inclusive and equitable global order that reflects the aspirations and contributions of all nations.

This event discusses the meaning of the Rules-Based International Order and its relationship with Public International Law (benefits and challenges). Speakers will discuss this topic from the perspective of their field of expertise, including with a focus on Africa.

The event will be convened by Dr Julinda Beqiraj, Maurice Wohl Senior Fellow in European Law (Bingham Centre of the Rule of Law), Iris Anastasiadou, Researcher in Public International Law (BIICL), and Kristin Hausler, Dorset Senior Fellow in Public International Law and Director, Centre for International Law (BIICL).

Join in the conversation @BIICL #RBIO

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This event offers the equivalent of 4 CPD hours.


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