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Public Launch of the Global Toolbox on Corporate Climate Litigation (In Person Participation)

Please note, this page is for in-person participation. If you would like to participate online, please visit the online booking page.

Event Details

The purpose of BIICL's Global Toolbox on Corporate Climate Litigation (the "Toolbox") is to make corporate climate litigation speedier, more efficient, more effective and more predictable, so claims can be adjudicated on with the minimum delay.

This launch event will showcase the Toolbox and outline its forthcoming dissemination as well as future avenues for expansion and development of the project. The Toolbox comprises an inventory of substantive and procedural provisions, decisions, arguments and ideas relevant to climate change cases involving private actors, to be used as legal models by policymakers, judges and legal practitioners. This will inform litigants of similarities and differences among legal systems, taking into consideration causes of action, procedures and remedies that might be adapted to other jurisdictions. It will facilitate effective and speedy corporate climate litigation by legal practitioners and civil society groups, highlighting the elements they can use in their legal system. It will also provide the corporate world with an understanding of their exposure to this kind of litigation and encourage them to foster the necessary transition to Net Zero.

The project has gathered a working network of 200 experts from legal practice, academia, judiciary, science and economics, representing 17 jurisdictions. The team has mapped existing cases and undertaken a comparative analysis of legislation and regulations as well as legal scholarship and practice. They have identified causes of action, procedures and evidence, as well as the legal arguments deployed by claimants and defendants, and the remedies used or usable which might make litigation speedier. Other kinds of successful litigation (e.g., asbestos, tobacco, toxic torts, etc.) has been examined to provide lessons learned for future cases, taking into account the current hurdles and obstacles encountered by claimants in different legal systems.

Core Group members and national rapporteurs representing some of the 17 countries involved in the project will highlight some of the findings and potential application in the current legal landscape. They will stress the project importance and how it has the potential to change the future of corporate climate litigation.

Join in the conversation @BIICL #CCLToolbox

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This event offers the equivalent of 2 CPD hours.


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