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BIICL Short Course: Public International Law in Practice (28 & 29 April 2015)

Event Details

Venue: British Institute of International and Comparative Law, Charles Clore House, 17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5JP

A dynamic course of applied public international law. The two-day programme is focused on current developments in public international law and their application in national and international litigation, in governmental and international policy-making and in international legal and diplomatic practice.

Led by many of the Institute's leading researchers and practitioners, the course is designed to give a concise introduction to key issues across a broad range of areas of public international law - from the nature of international law to international resolution of disputes, from human rights to international investment law.

Public international law is now a part of the practice of almost every lawyer today. For example, knowledge of treaty obligations is essential for dealing with disputes within and beyond State confines, as well as for government, commercial and humanitarian interactions; awareness of the responsibilities and immunities of government entities can be crucial to a commercial contract and a human rights action; and assessing the appropriate forum for resolving a dispute is as necessary for an investment matter as it is a humanitarian concern. There are few areas of legal practice that are not affected in some way by international law, whether that matter is transacted or litigated in a national, regional or international location.

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New Course Feature

Careers in Public International Law Seminar

As part of the short course and at no extra charge, course attendees will have the opportunity to attend an evening seminar on Careers in Public International Law on 28 April.

This seminar aims to provide an insight into a range of possible careers as an international lawyer. The speakers have a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, which is of assistance to all those considering a career in international law - whether at the beginning of their professional life or part-way through it.

This seminar will also launch the second edition of the extremely useful book: A Guide to International Law Careers.

Who is the course for?

The course is ideal for those in the early and middle years of legal practice, those working in governmental and non-governmental organisations with legal elements to their work, those moving legal practice areas, and students who are studying for a postgraduate degree which includes aspects of international law.

Course benefits

This course is unique in that it introduces participants to public international law as it arises in practice in a concise and engaging way. It includes the core elements of public international law, such as treaties, customary international law, state responsibilities and immunities, international human rights law, international humanitarian law, international environmental law, and international economic law, as well as how international law is dealt with in national law and in terms of dispute settlement.

Testimonials from past course attendees

"An excellent course; the best investment of time of any legal course I have attended. Very relevant, well-pitched to the knowledge of the audience. Speakers were excellent overall."

"The course included a broad range of topics and acted both as a refresher in some areas and an introduction to new principles. There was a good mix of lectures and case studies. Overall very useful and I will recommend it to my colleagues."

"Very good in regard to the variety of subjects and the opportunity to meet some experts."

"The course, besides being well-structured, balanced and well-delivered, provided me with a deeper understanding of the key issues of public international law."

"Very happy I signed up to this. I will be looking at future courses at BIICL."

Teaching arrangements

Teaching will be seminar style with opportunities for class discussion and interaction. Practical examples and dispute settlement avenues will be given where relevant. Reading lists, including reference to electronic materials, will be provided for each session.

CPD accreditation

The course is accredited with 14.5 CPD hours.

Fees and applying

The course fee is £400 (incl VAT) and covers:

  • Tuition and course materials
  • Refreshments (tea/coffee/water) during sessions
  • One evening social event with expert guest speakers and drinks reception
  • Certificate of completion (hardcopy and electronic version).

Please note that places are limited.

BIICL International Scholarship

The Institute offers a course fee waiver to one registrant from a developing country. Please note that this award does not include travel or accommodation costs. To be considered for this award, eligible applicants must send a one page letter indicating why they would like to do the course and why they should receive a waiver to Claudia Mansaray, Marketing Manager at - applications must be received by no later than Friday 13 March 2015.


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