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GATS and Financial Services Seminar

1. Financial Services after Hong Kong

John Cooke, Chairman, Liberalisation of Trade in Services (LOTIS) Committee;
International Financial Services, London (IFSL)

2. Domestic Regulation, Regulatory Capacity and Financial Standards

Alastair Evans, Head of Government Affairs, Lloyd's

3. GATS Dispute Settlement and Financial Services, Implications of the Gambling Report

Professor Mary E. Footer, University of Nottingham, School of Law

4. Growing Relationship Between International Trade/FDI and the Role of Insurance/Risk Management - Rationale for Further Liberalization of the Insurance Sector

Katsuo Matsushita, General Manager, The General Insurance Association of Japan

5. Financial Service Checklists

David F. Snyder, American Insurance Association

6. GATS Negotiations Today - Darkness Followed by the Dawn or Just More Darkness?

David F. Snyder, American Insurance Association

7. GATS, Dispute Settlement and Concerns About WTO Members' Regulatory Autonomy: The Need for a Practical Interpretation of the GATS Following US - Gambling

Lode Van Den Hende, Herbert Smith, Brussels

8. Examples of Article XVI Market Access Limitations in the GATS Schedules of Australia, the EC, Canada, India, Korea, Brazil and the U.S.

Lode Van Den Hende, Herbert Smith, Brussels

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