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Pharmaceutical Regulation and Product Liability

Below are selected materials from this conference, held under the auspices of the Institute's Product Liability Forum.

1 Conference Programme

2 Recent Developments in US Pharmaceutical Regulation: Update on FDA Physician Labeling Rule

Paula M Stannard, Acting General Counsel, US Department of Health & Human Services

3 The Importance of Dialogue Between Regulators

Professor Vincenzo Salvatore, Head of Legal, European Medicines Agency (EMEA)

4 The Changing Shape of Pharmaceutical Risk

Dr Peter Feldschreiber, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

5 The Fiancial Impact of Pharmaceutical Regulation and Litigation

Andrew Baum, Managing Director, Co-head European Pharmaceutical Research, Morgan Stanley

6 A Worldwide Forum?

Ina Brock & Joe Cyr, Lovells

7 European Trends in Pharmaceutical Litigation

Dr Duncan Fairgrieve (British Institute of International and Comparative Law), Stefan Lenze (British Institute of International and Comparative Law/Lovells) & Prof Marco Bona (Università Bocconi di Milano)

8 Liability Arising from Clinical Trials

Leigh-Ann Mulcahy, 4 New Square

Please note: this material is for reference only, and not to be cited without the authors' permission. If you have any difficulties accessing this material, please contact the Institute.

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