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The Reform of Article 82

Below are selected materials from this conference, held under the auspices of the Institute's Competition Law Forum.

1 Conference Programme

2 Article 82 Rebates

Johanne Peyre, Michelin Group

3 Market Power in Competition Cases

Sir John Vickers, Oxford University

4 Competition Policy on Exclusionary Conduct: Towards an Effects-Based Analysis?

Greg Werden, US Department of Justice

5 Dominance: The Lost Child?

Professor Thomas Eilmansberger, University of Salzburg

6 Article 82 and the Courts: The Burden and Standard of Proof

Kelyn Bacon, Brick Court Chambers

7 Antitrust Rules and the Role of the Community Courts

Christian Ahlborn, Linklaters

Please note: these materials are for reference only and should not be cited without the authors' permission. If you have any difficulties accessing this content, please contact the Institute.

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