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Competition Litigation in the EU: Where do We Stand?

Below are selected materials from this conference, held under the auspices of the Institute's Competition Law Forum.

1 Conference Programme

2 The Green Paper on Damages Actions for Breach of the EC Antitrust Rules

Donncadh Woods, DG Competition, European Commission

3 Dutch Case Law

Weijer VerLoren van Themaat, Houthoff Buruma NV

4 German Case Law

Alexander Rinne, SJ Berwin LLP

5 Spanish Case Law

Javier Ruiz Calzado, Latham & Watkins LLP

6 UK Case Law

Peter Roth QC, Monckton Chambers

Please note: this material is for reference only, and not to be cited without the authors' permission. If you have any difficulties accessing this material, please contact the Institute.

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