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Public International Law in the Courts of the United Kingdom

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Issues of public international law are increasingly being raised in British Courts, highlighting, amongst other things, questions about jurisdiction, the respective roles of the Executive and the courts, and the interaction between international and domestic public law.

This event looked at recent cases and how they are likely to influence current and future developments. Building on their experience and fields of expertise, the panellists engaged with developments in UK courts on issues around human rights and the justiciability of UK military actions abroad, sources of law with a focus on customary international law, State immunity and international sanctions.


  • Professor Robert McCorquodale, BIICL Director


  • Shaheed Fatima QC, Blackstone Chambers
  • Richard Hermer QC, Matrix Chambers
  • Maya Lester QC, Brick Court Chambers
  • Dr Philippa Webb, King's College London and 20 Essex Street
  • Graham Coop, Volterra Fietta
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