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Harry Weinrebe Annual Memorial Lecture 2015

This was the second lecture in an annual series to honour the memory of Harry Weinrebe, a philanthropist and the founder of the Dorset Foundation. The series is focused on the protection of international peace and justice, values that were at heart of Mr Weinrebe's humanitarian activities.

The destruction and misappropriation of cultural property and its illicit traffic and sale, in particular by powerful non-state groups, have come increasingly to be viewed by states and international bodies from the perspective of the maintenance of international peace and security. In his Harry Weinrebe Memorial Lecture, Roger O'Keefe examined recent and potential international legal developments in this direction and reflected on the promise and pitfalls of such an approach for the preservation of humanity's cultural heritage.



  • Professor Roger O'Keefe, Professor of Public International Law, University College London


  • Kristin Hausler, Dorset Senior Research Fellow in Public International Law, BIICL
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