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Global Administrative Law and its Judicial Component

Global Administrative Law is increasingly developing as a novel legal discipline in international affairs and many scholars deal with the importance of principles of public law for effective global governance. However, the judicial component of global administrative law remains underexplored despite the fact that many international organisations established internal judicial mechanisms for the resolution of disputes between officials and an organisation. Examples of international administrative tribunals are the following: UN Internal Justice System, ILO Administrative Tribunal, World Bank Administrative Tribunal, Council of Europe Administrative Tribunal. This event will focus on the case law of international administrative tribunals (with an emphasis of the UN system) and its contribution to the development of global administrative law, international human rights and international rule of law.

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Keynote Speaker

  • Judge Mary Faherty, former President of the United Nations Appeals Tribunal


  • Swee Leng Harris, Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law
  • Lee Marler, Bretton Woods Law


  • Chanaka Wickremasinghe, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
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