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Expert Competition Law Workshop for National Judges

1. Human Rights and Community Competition Law: A Rights of Defence Issue for the Commission

Dr. Alan Riley, Senior Lecturer in European Competition Law, Centre for Legal Research, Nottingham Law School, and Associate Research Fellow, Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels

2. Antitrust & Sector Regulation - Communications sector

Cento Veljanovski, Case Associates

3. Article 82

Hedvig KS Schmidt, British Institute of International and Comparative Law

4. Expert Competition Law Workshop for National Judges Maintaining Consistency of Application by National Courts and NCAs/EC Commission

Mark Clough QC, Partner, Ashurst

5. Article 81

Paul Hughes, Brussels

6. Opinion of Advocate General Delivered on 28 October 2004 Case C-53/03
Synetairismos Farmakopoion Aitolias & Akarnanias (Syfait) and Others V Glaxosmithkline AEVE

7. Judgment of the Court; 30 September 2003 Case C-224/01

8. Court of Justice of the European Communities Information Note on References by National Courts for Preliminary Rulings

9. Commission Notice on the Co-operation Between the Commission and the Courts of the EU
Member States in the Application of Articles 81 and 82 EC (2004/C 101/04) (Text with EEA Relevance)

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