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Towards an Arms Trade Treaty – Now or Never?

9th September 2010

In October 2009, a majority of UN Member States voted to adopt a clear timetable for the development of an arms trade treaty. Building on the preparatory committee's meeting in July, this seminar will discuss the necessity for a treaty and the legal issues that arose in the meetings. Questions of interest include the minimum standards that should be applicable to the use, management and transfer of arms, as well as the limitations states may place on the international transfer of arms.

25th January 2018 | LONDON

ITF event: The Ne Ultra Petita Principle and International Investment Treaty Arbitration

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31st January 2018 | LONDON

The effect of Brexit on the fight against economic crimes

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28th February 2018 | LONDON

Competition in Financial Services

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8th March 2018 | LONDON

ITF event: General Principles of Law in Investment Arbitration, and the Hierarchy of Norms under International Law

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12th April 2018 - 13th April 2018 | LONDON

Short Course: Public International Law in Practice

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