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Oxford Public International Law Discussion Group

Michaelmas Term 2009

15th October 2009

The discussion group's meetings are part of the programme of the British Branch of the International Law Association and are supported by the Faculty and Oxford University Press.

Week 1 (15 October)
Judge Philippe Kirsch (Judge ad hoc, International Court of Justice)
Prospects and Challenges in International Criminal Justice

Week 2 (22 October)
Ms Treasa Dunworth (University of Auckland)
The Accountability of International Organisations: The Role of Civil Society

Week 3 (29 October)
Dr Patrick Capps (University of Bristol)
Lauterpacht's Method

Week 4 (5 November)
Professor Nigel White (University of Nottingham)
The Security Council, The Security Imperative, and International Law

Week 5 (12 November)*
Professor Yves Daudet (Secretary-General, Hague Academy of International Law)

Hague Academy of International Law Information Session AND
The Special Tribunal for Lebanon
*begins at 12.30pm

Week 6 (19 November)
Dr Aurel Sari (University of Exeter)
Jurisdiction Over Foreign Armed Forces: Examining the Calipari/Lozano Case

Week 7 (26 November)
Dr Ben Saul (University of Sydney)
Prosecuting Indonesian War Crimes in Portuguese Timor: The International Legal Protection of Journalists in Armed Conflict

Week 8 (3 December)
Dr Ed Bates (University of Southampton)
The European Court of Human Rights: The First Half-Century

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