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PLF Meeting: Recent developments in health care product liability - The impact of Wyeth v Levine

28th April 2009


  • Analysis of US Supreme court decision in Wyeth v Levine
  • Where now? Consequences of the US Supreme Court's decision for litigation in the US and Europe
  • Latest developments in European healthcare products litigation
  • Update on debate concerning Regulatory compliance defence
  • Status of medical device claims - potential legislation to overrule Riegel v Medtronic (The Medical Device Safety Act of 2009)

This seminar considers the latest developments in the area of healthcare product liability in the US and Europe. In the highly significant case of Wyeth v Levine, the US Supreme Court earlier this month held that a drug manufacturer may be liable for injuries caused by medicines even if they carry health warnings approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A day after the decision, democratic lawmakers in both the House of Representatives and the Senate moved to propose new legislation that would make it easier to bring claims against manufacturers of medical devices. It is expected that these developments will contribute to rendering product liability litigation a continuing, and significant, risk to manufacturers of health care products. The impact of these developments is likely to reach beyond the US market, potentially giving fresh impetus to the pursuit of claims at a time when there has been a significant increase in the number of law suits being filed against pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

Solicitors and barristers may claim 2 CPD points through attendance at this event.

This is an invitation only event.

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