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Prosecuting Sudanese President al-Bashir before the International Criminal Court: A Risky Venture?

Rapid Response Briefing

24th July 2008

On 14 July 2008 the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court sought the issue of an arrest warrant for Sudanese President, Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir. The Prosecutor asserted that Al Bashir has committed the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in the Darfur region. The request raises several interesting legal issues, including the immunity of a sitting head of state, the role of the Security Council, the nature of the evidence presented and the interaction between peace and justice. This seminar will address these issues.

23rd November 2017 | LONDON

The standard of review of national court decisions by investment tribunals

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27th November 2017 | LONDON

40th FA Mann Lecture

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4th December 2017 | LONDON

Harry Weinrebe Annual Lecture: Perspectives on 15 years in Business and Human Rights - and on where we may be going next

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6th December 2017 | LONDON

16th Annual Review of the Arbitration Act

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11th December 2017 | LONDON

Legal consequences of the separation of the Chagos Archipelago from Mauritius (ICJ Advisory Opinion)

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