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India: An Update on Data Protection Legislation

9th February 2006


  • Overview of the current way that India has attracted investment from other countries, especially in relation to handling personal data
  • What, if any, pressure there is on politicians to pass a data protection act
  • What previous attempts there has been made to pass a data protection act
  • What recent attempts have been made to pass legislation, and why such legislation has not been passed
  • Where the pressure is coming from to enact a data protection act
  • The perception of the need for a data protection act - do politicians in India think it is necessary? Who is the prime moving force for a data protection act? i.e. identity theft; because of the nature of the outsourcing work undertaken by Indian firms; does commerce want such an act? Is the pressure from consumer groups?
  • An outline of the number of acts that may have been prepared to date with, perhaps, some indication of the similarities and differences between them.

1 CPD hour may be claimed by both solicitors and barristers through attendance at this event.

Members of the Institute can click here to access a copy of Tejas Karia's presentation.

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