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WTO Scholars' Forum – GATS: Selected Issues

9th February 2007

What is the seminar about?

Among the several new legal disciplines in the field of international trade stemming from the Uruguay Round (1986-1994), the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) still remains the most complex and unexplored. While admittedly the level of actual liberalization achieved by the WTO in the field of services is relatively low, the new legal disciplines provided in the GATS may potentially have quite far reaching implications for all WTO Members involved. In particular the European Union (EU) has played a major role in the implementation of, and on-going negotiations under, the GATS. Focusing on recent GATS jurisprudence, the seminar will address the nature and scope of the market access (Article XVI) and national treatment (Article XVII) provisions as well as the role that the EU will play in the future of the GATS.

This is an event organized in conjunction with the WTO Scholars' Forum. The WTO Scholars' Forum is a new initiative in London designed to bring together experts from both academia and legal practice to discuss current aspects of the law and practice of the World Trade Organization (WTO). To get more information on the Forum, please contact Dr Fiona Smith, University College London (at

This is a free event. Please register online or contact

If you would like more information on this event, please contact Dr Federico Ortino. If you would like to receive updates about similar Institute events, please sign up to this website. Those with a particular interest in international economic law and the WTO are also encouraged to visit the web pages of the Institute's programme on International Economic Law and the WTO.

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