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Short Course - Rule of Law: From Principles to Practice

Event Details

Venue: British Institute of International and Comparative Law, Charles Clore House, 17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5JP

Course Lead: Justine Stefanelli, Maurice Wohl Associate Senior Research Fellow in European Law

The rule of law has universal relevance for all involved in the law, justice system and legal policy. This innovative course introduces participants to using the rule of law as a practical tool for legal work in a wide range of areas both within the UK and internationally. When you attend this course, you will explore the different elements of the rule of law in concrete terms, thinking about how rule of law principles apply in a wide variety of areas, and discovering how to draw on the rule of law as an invaluable principle and framework. It will be conducted as interactive discussions, with case studies and practical examples, as applied learning.

The Bingham Centre's leading rule of law experts deliver the sessions that are aimed not only at those in legal practice, but also NGO staff and academics who work on law reform and legal policy. The sessions use rule of law standards, such as the Venice Commission's Rule of Law Checklist, as a touchstone and resource that translates the rule of law into a detailed set of questions and issues.

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Course Topics

The April course will address what the rule of law means in practice through five topical issues:

  • Enemies or Champions? Judges, the Lord Chancellor and the Rule of Law What is the role of the Lord Chancellor? What does the rule of law demand in relation to judges - how much criticism is legitimate? How should criticism be addressed and by whom?
  • China and the rule of law The aim of this discussion seminar is to explore how the international community (be that governments, business or civil society) should understand and engage with China on rule of law issues.
  • Executive Orders in the US: What are they exactly?; This session will explore what executive orders are, what the extend of the US President's power is to use them and what they mean for the rule of law.
  • Of weights and measures: Efficiency and quality justice measures in Europe This session will use a dynamic database, available on the internet, to explore the efficiency and quality of justice in European judicial systems and to gain insight into the complexity of measuring justice and the success of legal reform processes.
  • Reforming judicial appointments in the UK and the Commonwealth: Promises and Pitfalls Will examine whether the more transparent processes adopted by the Commonwealth (including the UK) for appointing judges address 21st century challenges like the need for judicial diversity and danger of politicising courts.

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Why take this course?

Do you engage with and seek to influence law reform and policy in the UK or internationally?

Have you confronted issues of governance gaps and globalisation, development, or corruption in your work?

Do you work in private legal practice, for government, with corporations, with civil society or in any other role where issues of the rule of law arise?

How can something as important and also as abstract as the rule of law be measured?

The Bingham Centre's Rule of Law Course will help you with these challenges and more.

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CPD Information

The course is worth the equivalent of 6 CPD hours.

Fees and applying

The course fee is £235 (incl. VAT) and covers:

  • Tuition and course materials
  • Refreshments (tea/coffee/water) during sessions plus sandwiches during the lunch breaks
  • Certificate of completion (hardcopy and electronic version).

Booking deadline: 17th March 2017 (Places are limited. Early booking is advised).

Group Booking Discount

  • A 15% discount applies if four or more people from the same company register.
  • A 10% discount applies to those learners booking places for both of our April short courses.
  • A 30% discount will apply to third sector organisations booking two or more places.
  • A 30% discount is available to those who attended the course Introduction to the Rule of Law in Oct 2016

To book using the group booking discounts please contact

Teaching arrangements

Teaching will be seminar style with an emphasis on class discussion and applied learning.

All sessions will be taught in English. If you are not a native English speaker, you will need to have experience of studying in English at university level or to have achieved an appropriate score in the International Language Testing System (IELTS) or an equivalent programme.


If you have any queries, please contact the events team

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Event Cancellation Policy

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