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Expert Roundtable on Banking and the Rule of Law

19th May 2016

The Bingham Centre organised a closed expert roundtable on banking and the rule of law, which was hosted by Allen & Overy on 19 May 2016.

The aim of the workshop was to identify issues that might merit attention by the Bingham Centre through research and engagement with policy, industry and academic audiences. The Bingham Centre seeks to ensure that its programme of activities connects research with practice. In particular, it endeavours to ascertain how research might be of use to those working in the area, and help to inform practice, law and policy, and how practice might inform research and enhance its relevance to practice.

Participants were invited from across a range of organisations to participate in discussion across the following four topics:

  • The Resolution of International Financial and Commercial Disputes
  • The Rule of Law and Post-Crisis Regulatory Reform
  • Ethical Standards in Banking and the Rule of Law
  • The Rule of Law and Regulatory Enforcement

The agenda is available for download here.

Any questions can be directed to Justine Stefanelli.

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