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WTO Scholars' Forum: Ideas of Embedded Liberalism and the Future of the WTO: Connecting the Dots

10th January 2007

The WTO Scholars' Forum is a new initiative designed to bring together experts from both academia and legal practice to discuss current aspects of the law and practice of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Currently there are many academics and practitioners who have an interest in WTO law and several events organised both in London and outside. However, there is little year-long sustained activity which capitalizes on all the interest and knowledge. The WTO Scholars' Forum hopes to draw together all this expertise by holding a series of activities. The Forum is also open to PhD students and it encourages them attend the activities and give papers as part of the seminar series.

To register free of charge please contact Forum administrator, Ann Tucker.

27th February 2018 | LONDON

UK-EU Dispute Resolution Post-Brexit: What role for the CJEU?

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28th February 2018 | LONDON

Competition in Financial Services

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8th March 2018 | LONDON

ITF event: General Principles of Law in Investment Arbitration, and the Hierarchy of Norms under International Law

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13th March 2018

Constitutional Recognition of First Nations in Australia

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27th March 2018

The Use of Force in Relation to Sovereignty Disputes over Land Territory

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