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Comparative Law


The Institute's Comparative Law programme was founded in 2002 to promote research, policy discussion and development in the field of comparative law, and to strengthen the link between the law and policy-making in this area.


The following research projects are coordinated by the Comparative Law programme:

Given the importance of product liability in Europe, a dedicated centre of excellence on product liability, the Product Liability Forum, was founded in 2004.

Considering the contemporary developments of European private law, the Comparative Law programme often addresses a number of broader European private law topics in cooperation with the Private International Law team. These include the general construction of European Private Law, the heads of loss and the classification of obligations.


  • Dr Duncan Fairgrieve, Senior Research Fellow in Comparative Law and Director of the Product Liability Forum

The Centre also operates an international network of expert correspondents who have particular expertise in the sphere of tort law.



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