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Author: Rafael Vale e Reis - Miguel Mesquita, supervisor

IV. Legislation

A. General

  • Portuguese Civil Procedure Code, approved by Decree-Law no. 329-A/95, of 12th of December (especially article 26-A) Click here
  • Law 83/95, of 31st of August - Law of Popular Action Click here
  • Article 48 of the Code of Administrative Court Procedure, approved by Law 15/2002, of 22nd of February Click here

B. Sectoral

1. Consumer Law

Art 12 no. 4 and 5 of Law 24/96, of 31st of July - establishes the legal regime applicable to the protection of consumers.

2. Financial Market Law

Articles 31 and 32 of Securities Code, approved by Decree-Law 486/99, of 13th of November.

3. Other areas

3.1. Environmental Law

Article 45 of Law 11/87, of 7th of April (Framework Law on the Environment), with the wording given to it by Law 13/2002, of 19th February.

3.2. Protection of cultural heritage

Law 107/2001, of 8th of September, on the protection of the Portuguese cultural heritage.