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Energy law is one of the most challenging, both technically and politically, legal fields. Energy law is key to economic prosperity and environmental sustainability as states seek to produce energy more cleanly and efficiently, more abundantly and more affordably and from a wider range of energy sources: from traditional fossil fuels to nuclear energy and renewables. Not infrequently, energy has served as the 'apple of discord' creating antagonism between nations and threatening international peace and security. In some other cases, energy has provided the impetus for cooperation and friendly relations between states with common interests.

Over the years, BIICL has engaged with the interplay between energy law and international relations from an applied international, comparative, and inter-disciplinary perspective. Previous research projects and events have approached the issue in relation to international investment law, peaceful settlement of international disputes, law of the sea, human rights law and international environmental law, thus, building on BIICL's expertise.

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