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BIICL in Singapore

BIICL establishes partnership with Singapore Management University (SMU)

The Institute has extended its presence in Asia, establishing a partnership with Singapore Management University (SMU). With the Centre for AI and Data Governance, the Centre for Cross Border Commercial Law in Asia, and the Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy, the SMU Law School has significant research commitments in compatible fields of research interest as those which BIICL is prioritising.

SMU is a global university, and the Law School through ventures such as the Singapore Convention, the Singapore Global Restructuring Initiative and the Asia Dialogues on AI Governance is establishing a formidable network of scholarship and policy development throughout the region. SMU Law has standing among the Singapore legal and policy development circles and is called upon for high-level advising and research consultation, which is evidenced through its dominant grant capture record.

Professor David Llewelyn and Professor Mark Findlay, Director, Centre for AI and Data Governance, are BIICL Senior Honorary Fellows based in Singapore. In addition, Chiann Bao, Senior Honorary Fellow will be dividing her time between Hong Kong and Singapore and Public International Law Research Assistant, Dr Berenika Drazewska, is based in Singapore.

BIICL and SMU Law share a commitment to research excellence and research relevance. With strong bonds, common research trajectories and complimentary capacities it is logical that BIICL and the SMU Law research centres should now move forward with project-based alliances.

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