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The Correspondence of Frederick Alexander Mann (1907–1991)

Professor Gerhard Dannemann

Franziska Stamm

The Correspondence of Frederick Alexander Mann (1907–1991)

1st March 2020

ISBN: 978-1905221769

Further Information

F.A. Mann (1907-1991), a German born and educated lawyer, fled racial persecution in 1933, took home in London and became one of the best known solicitors and legal scholars of his generation.

The present stock-taking of his voluminous surviving correspondence shows Mann as a prolific networker and provides fascinating insights behind the scenes on how judges and legislators make law, and how legal practitioners and academics shape this development. Mann's testimony as contemporary witness also enriches our understanding of his time, including the reconstruction of post-war Germany, German émigré lawyers in the UK, legal practice and academia notably in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the US.

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