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Dr Sherif Elgebeily (July 2016)

It was an honour to be selected for the role of International Visiting Fellow with the Bingham Centre, which has an international reputation as one of the leading research centres in the rule of law. During my time as Fellow, I felt a part of the Centre and was warmly invited to participate in both internal and external events, including a closed-door round-table on comparative analysis of Sino-Russian liberalism and a joint event with the International Bar Association on Access to Justice for Children. Over the course of my two week residency, I was also able to make full use of an extremely impressive network of contacts that the Centre maintains, including not only academics and scholars but practitioners both in London and nationally. My presentation at the Centre was attended by Centre staff and university academics, and I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity extended to me to discuss my research with representatives of a large international law firm as well as the introductions made to London-based academics and practitioners related to my field of research.

The financial support that was offered to me enabled me to venture by train to the University of Nottingham to visit the China Policy Institute, where I was able to engage in debate with scholars that greatly informed my research on the rule of law in Hong Kong. I was privileged to also have had access to the outstanding IALS law library, which provided a wealth of information for desk research. I am very thankful to all the staff at the Bingham Centre for their support and facilitation; I have no doubt that my time at the Bingham Centre has augmented the scope and depth of my research and will impact upon the calibre of research I was able to conduct as Visiting Fellow.