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A teacher delivering a session to a class of students

The Rule of Law for Citizenship Education is a continuous package of resource provision, ongoing advice and direct delivery of sessions (training for teachers and lessons for students) by the Research Fellow. Schools that would like to take part should register their interest below. Please note that signing up to receive a copy of the textbooks also involves registration for our monthly newsletter.

At present, there are two textbook available for schools.

'The Rule of Law for Citizenship Education: Understanding Justice' takes students through the fundamental aspects of the justice system to give them a functional understanding of domestic law. Teachers interested in receiving a copy should request a free copy here!

'The Rule of Law for Citizenship Education: International Law and Human Rights' introduces students to the international legal order with powerful examples of the deprivation and consequences of deprivation of rights across the world. We recommend using this textbook at KS4 level or for sixth form/college students. Order your copy here!

For more information, please contact